The youngest child of huge church Pastor T.D. Jakes is divorcing the woman husband

The youngest child of huge church Pastor T.D. Jakes is divorcing the woman husband

previous NFL baseball player Robert Henson after simply 4 years of relationship. Sarah partnered Robert when she was just 19 yrs . old. This was a truly fast relationships. I remember their particular fancy ceremony posted in “Jet magazine”. Here we’re, four-year later and they’re divorcing.

Henson (Jakes girl), introduced listed here declaration with regards to the woman separation:

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43 applying for grants “T.D Jakes’ Girl, Sarah Henson Closing 4 12 Months Marriage”

better damn they certainly were merely partnered for a moment.

therefore, the daughter is a ho? the same as a pk kid.

The guy showin some teeth because pic.

And let her lead a lifetime of a fairy-tale and finish a spinster. If my girl walked in and explained she ended up being marrying an expert sportsman I would perform some Kris Jenner and make certain whether or not it didn’t workout she’d become well compensated on her behalf squandered opportunity. He is an expert competitor and university graduated.

Did the woman daddy speak to the woman about divorce proceedings from a religious perspective?

Dang….from the whenever wedding ceremony pictures were everywhere…

Down their marriage hit a brick wall.

The marriage was a student in Essence or Ebony….I remember convinced..her mommy..and sis were deeply in love with the very thought of planning a magnificent ceremony…the groom not much…..& in which try her holier-than-thou daddy…and their marriages roentgen 4ever content

We not witnessed a linbacker lookin all-happy and showin all they teeth and shit. In which he search happier because photo.

Damn where in fact the hell I been…i did son’t learn some of this.

Lawd, these PK’s I inform ya!

Got little with this topic. It occurs

bathhouses, pregnant 14 seasons olds…what in collection plate hell is goings-on?

Then Sunday, I am going to be at the Potter’s House

She ended up being 19.. In my opinion too-young getting married


Man…these Ministers are busy watching the huge house that they are neglecting to concentrate on THEIR genuine house residence!

Disappointed to know concerning divorce….smh

If it’s over it’s over – and I also don’t treatment whose leasdership you are really underneath.

I became never ever for staying with individuals that generated you miserable. Shoo-fly, shoo!

You can’t become dedicated to relationships when the event or an “image” is more essential. Training discovered, I hope…

the guy shoulda just got multiple close ol around the method skanks, and then he woulda come good. I recently don’t understand aim of rushing into matrimony if you are a new billionaire.

Duck confronts are so just last year…

Merely becuz yo father pastors a huge church and get funds don’t prompt you to exempt from your own wedding no longer working while declaring divorce proceedings.

I truly dislike to hear this….it is obviously sad whenever a wedding are busted particularly when children are involved. It’s nothing at all to do with just who this lady dad is or exactly what his or her condition is actually. She’s got to go house and then make a life with that people, maybe not her father or Potters House. I don’t understand reason but I hope that she will end up being okay and children should be alright (psychologically, definitely).

are a pk’s child doesnt exempt you from reality. selections are important yes. but she still is young, i personally think she got partnered regarding pressure in order to prevent the “knocked up at 14 and unmarried mama tag”. sometimes the only real person to fear was Jesus. she will need to have just continued and become a guy in Gods very long but nice timing. we still imagine the woman is still-young and contains another try at ironing out the woman material. God-bless you Sarah, their dad’s an excellent man. good luck your household.

Really?? seems like father to hectic hangin onto a success gospel as he needs to be zoning in on morals, criteria and keepin ya legs shut n looking after residence. Jakes are going after the $$$ while his sons and girl roentgen runnin wild. Think you can see TD Jakes that big man due to his proven achievement but a man’s best is certainly not sized by their cash and exactly what he lures, it is determined by just who that man can impact.

You’re neglecting anything.

This can affect anyones kid. And TD Jakes’ isn’t any exemption therefore do not appear to realize that – no matter how perfect you may be your youngster merely aint.

FYI watch that videos regarding the each of them. TD Jakes will gladly surrender his whole congregation when you look at the bleep of an eye on her. To him profile implies nothing.

she’s young. she’ll bounce back once again plus her father try rich.